Smite to launch next week on PlayStation 4

Hi-Rez's MOBA to hit PS4 at long last.

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After a short beta period, the popular god-based MOBA, Smite, will be making its full launch on the PS4 next week.

The beta period helped the developers iron out a few kinks with the game, and has now been given full PS4 compatibility. The full version of the game will run at 60fps, compared to the 30fps of the beta, and there will be trophy support, new game modes, four new gods, and activity feed support.

The addition of the four new gods for the game brings the total up to 75 in the PS4 version, and as with the other versions of the game, it will be receiving free and regular updates, making new gods and other features available to players.

Smite is officially set to launch for the PS4 on May 31.


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