Sociable Soccer

Sociable Soccer makes its way to Early Access

The arcade football game promises to deliver "fast, slick gameplay".

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The anticipated football game Sociable Soccer has arrived on Steam in Early Access. This fast-paced arcade take on the beautiful game includes more than 1000 clubs and teams, including over 30,000 players.

Sociable Soccer currently has local multiplayer, with plans for online multiplayer to be implemented soon. Boss mode offers a take on managing a club, where you upgrade your boss by winning trophies with clubs from around the world, with a minimum 100 hours campaign.

"We can't wait to share Sociable Soccer with football gaming fans old and new", says developer Jon Hare. "The game is already packed with features and we're going to use the Early Access period to ensure even more content is added."

The game is a partnership between developer Jon Hare (who made his name with games like Sensible Soccer back in the day), and Finnish studio Combo Breaker, and is available on Early Access today for £14.99.

Sociable SoccerSociable SoccerSociable Soccer

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