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Sol Cresta

Sol Cresta confirmed its release date

It's coming in February!

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During the "Sol Cresta Release Date Forum" live stream held on Saturday, January 22nd, developer Platinum Games finally confirmed the release date of their upcoming shoot 'em up.

"It's official! The release date for #SOLCRESTA is February 22nd, 2022!", Platinum wrote on Twitter. Sol Cresta was originally announced back on April Fool's Day in 2020 and initially considered as a joke before it was later confirmed to be an actual game. The title was scheduled to release on December 9th 2021, however Hideki Kamiya, creative director of Sol Cresta, held a last-minute "Very Sorry Stream" to apologise and stated that the game would need more development time. Therefore, the game got delayed since, and hadn't confirmed its new launch date, until this past Saturday.

If you missed the "Sol Cresta Release Date Forum" live stream but want to check it out, you can watch the show via this link.

Sol Cresta

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