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World of Warcraft

Solo player beats one of WoW's toughest raid bosses

Gul'dan falls at the hands of Mionelol.

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When it comes to raid bosses in Blizzard's World of Warcraft, Gul'dan is certainly a big name, both in terms of fame and size, and now a solo player has defeated the boss, with the whole fight available to watch on YouTube.

The player in question is Mionelol, who explains the fight in the description of the video. "This encounter would be pretty simple if it did not have an enrage timer, however I can safely say that timer is unbeatable with current DPS. Gul'dan himself has 1.04b HP, while enrage happens at 12 minutes. That's around 1.4million DPS, even disregarding phase 1 where he's immune to damage," they wrote, before detailing the whole process of bringing Gul'dan down.

The fight took one hour and nine minutes overall, and is a pretty impressive feat. Do you reckon you could do this too?

World of Warcraft

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