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Solstice of Heroes: Radiant Grind launched in Destiny 2

For the next four weeks, you can farm armour that will reveal just how radiant you are.

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Yesterday saw the start of a new in-game event called 'Solstice of Heroes', and it's one of the returning annual activities coming to Destiny 2. Players have the opportunity to complete different activities from August 11 until September 8, all while honouring the "victims of fallen guardians", according to Bungie.

That being the case, there is a new task for you, Guardian. By killing opponents in the European Death Zone (EDZ) with the elemental power Ark, Solar or Void (the element you have to use changes once a day), opening treasure chests, killing bosses and completing matchmaking activities for three players, you receive special equipment that literally makes your character shine.

The loot radiates your character's inner light and crumbles more and more as you rise through the ranks. That may not sound very suitable in terms of protection, but it sure looks good because more and more light is able to penetrate through the cracks. There's also an armour pattern in the shop where your collected light shines in the colour of your current power (i.e. Void, Ark or Solar).

At the same time, Solstice of Heroes introduces new opportunities to help players reach the current power limit and a quest rewards your account with another music package, which is certainly nice, too.

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