SturmFront - The Mutant War: Übel Edition

Somehow the Wii U is getting a brand new game in 2021

SturmFront - The Mutant War: Übel Edition is set to launch on the platform this month.

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Despite being discontinued way back in 2017, the Wii U somehow is still managing to receive some new games. The latest of these is SturmFront - The Mutant War: Übel Edition, an arcade shooter that largely resembles the old Capcom classic Commando. The game initially launched on the PC back in 2017, but it is coming to the Wii U at an unconfirmed date later this month.

According to Metacritic, the shooter is the first new release for the Wii U in 2021. The ill-fated console received five releases in 2020, with the latest at the time of writing being Shakedown: Hawaii last August. We're not exactly sure how much SturmFront will sell given the platform's age and its small install base, but its existence is still intriguing.

In addition to the Wii U version of the game, a physical Switch version is also releasing soon in limited quantities. This version can be pre-ordered now and will cost €29,99.

SturmFront - The Mutant War: Übel Edition

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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