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Song of Horror

Song of Horror's fifth episode gets May release date

The final chapter in the episodic horror series is set to launch in just a few weeks.

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After launching on PC last Halloween, the five-part horror series Song of Horror is finally set to come to a conclusion on May 28, it was confirmed today. It's a game that we reviewed at launch (you can read that review here) and then covered via a let's play series that takes you through all four episodes. If you've been following the game with us, there isn't long to wait for the fifth and final chapter.

If you're console-based you won't have had an opportunity to play the game just yet, but the plan is to bring Song of Horror to PS4 and Xbox One later this year. News on when that will happen should be with us "soon".

Finally, you can check out the newest trailer for Song of Horror below.


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