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Sonic CD gets announcement vid

End Monday on a good note.

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Fans bickering about the validity of changes to their iconic hedgehog post-millennium is something we've all sadly had to get used to over the years, so it's good to bring a piece of Sonic news that will be greeted with (hopefully) universal acclaim.

History has proven that Sonic's first detour from his roots, a time-travelling adventure powered by the Mega CD was a resounding success, with the only issue being limited exposure due to the hardware choice.

We've been holding out that Sonic CD would make an appearance on digital platforms for a while, and this announcement trailer, coming some days after the announcement itself, only aids in generating the sort of excitement over a new Sonic release we haven't felt since Sega Saturn Magazine teased green-eyed Sonic before his Dreamcast debut.

So, watch the short trailer, and if you're like us and haven't had the chance to try out this lost classic properly, get ready to start tapping your toes impatiently awaiting a release date.


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