Sonic CD

Sonic CD hitting everywhere

Mega CD title re-released this winter.

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Acccepted as one of the best Sonic titles around but criminally missing from the majority of Sonic re-release compilations over the years, Sonic CD is finally appearing this winter across digital platforms.

PSN, XBLA, iOS will each see a port of the Mega CD title, though pricing (and exact date) is still to be confirmed.

Utilising the larger capacity and power of the ill-fated Megadrive add-on, Sonic CD embedded time-travel elements into the classic platformer, letting Sonic jump between past, present and future versions of stages once the right check-point and (in a Back to the Future nod) speed was reached. Success in the past rippled into future versions of the stages, adding an extra layer to the hog's speed runs. Th game also saw the introduction of a new Metal Sonic, the design of which has become a fan favourite ever since.

The game was released outside of Japan, though plenty of fan sites have dedicated vast column inches to decrying the American soundtrack that replaced the original - the Japanese version will be what ships with this new re-release, a soundtrack that is claimed by some as one of the best in gaming, as well as the best in the series thus far.

Sonic CD

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