Mighty No. 9

Sonic makes fun of Mighty No. 9's mixed reception

Did someone just get burned by the blue hedgehog?

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Mighty No. 9 hasn't exactly received a great reception (read our review here). Usually when a game doesn't perform as well as expected, the rest of the industry tries to encourage or comfort the developer. Sonic found a questionable way to do this.

The blue hedgehog decided to write this message to Mega Man's spiritual successor on Twitter:

Mighty No. 9

The post is no doubt a reference to earlier comments attributed to Inafune during a stream, where he was supposed to have said that getting the game as it is was "better than nothing" - an attitude that certainly raised a few eyebrows unless it was taken out of context by his translator.

Actually, while we're writing about Sonic, the little blue fella actually has a Humble Bundle currently in full swing in honour of his 25th birthday. There's a bunch of games at various price points, and a bunch of worthwhile charities also get a cut, so check it out if you've some room on the hard drive of your PC. Of course, there's no guarantee you'll enjoy all the games in the bundle more than Mighty No. 9, but hey, who's keeping score?

Mighty No. 9

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