Sony backwards compatibility tech actually two years old

It might have to do with current remasters.

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Recent news based on patent hunters' findings might've jumped into conclusions too early, at least when assuming Sony's 'new' backwards compatibility technology was designed for the new hardware the company recently confirmed, but as it turns out, Sony might have been using that tech on current hardware for classic games to look better on the system.

The "remastering by emulation" systems found on the patent might well be those used to enhance original PlayStation titles on the current console. As found by GearNuke, the process of adding remastered assets to legacy games, or replacing old graphics and audio with newly-created files, doesn't necessarily mean software emulation to run on future hardware, as Sony actually filed for the patent in November 2016, which means it's been in development for two years.

Even though a similar system could well be used to make current PS4 games run on stronger, future hardware with enhanced features, it's also true that Sony has been enhancing PS1 and PS2 games on its current console, so it looks like tech they've been using and/or evolving through the years.

Is backwards compatibility something you want in future hardware?

Sony backwards compatibility tech actually two years old

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