God of War: Ragnarök

Sony closes its PS5 show with a tease for God of War: Ragnarök

After showing off a bunch of games and confirming a competitive price for the PS5, Sony had one last surprise for us.

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Tonight has been an eventful one for Sony, with plenty of reveals and announcements made during its latest PlayStation 5 Showcase (and, of course, confirmation of the consoles price and release date - more on that here).

However, while there was undoubtedly a lot to show, the platform holder was clearly saving the best for last and dropped the proverbial mic with a big fat teaser for God of War: Ragnarök, the next game in the critically acclaimed action-adventure series from Santa Monica Studio.

Like its predecessor, the game is going to land exclusively on PlayStation, and better yet, it's due out next year. Check out the teasing trailer below, which features a very familiar voice and tells us that we must prepare ourselves...


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