Sony confirms that the PS5 won't release until after March 2020

At least one more fiscal year beckons before we see a new PlayStation hit the market, plus Sony is nearing the 100 million mark for PS4s sold.

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As part of the company's end of year financial report, Sony will not release the PlayStation 5 until after March of next year. Sony says it is shifting focus to the PS5 over the next year, and this will likely slow down the company's operating income.

As we detailed in an earlier report of Mark Cerny's Wired interview, the PS5 will support some advanced new features such as ray tracing, a super-fast SSD solution for storage, and a new generation of CPU.

These specs led to questions about the launch price of the next-gen console, which Wired writer Peter Rubin offered details about over on Twitter. Specifically, when Rubin asked about the pricing during their interview, Cerny responded by saying:

"I believe that we will be able to release it at an SRP [suggested retail price] that will be appealing to gamers in light of its advanced feature set."

We find it difficult to imagine Sony getting close to the infamous $599 price tag of the PS3, but regarding the tech inside the PS5, maybe a $499 launch price seems plausible. Time will tell.

Other details mentioned in Sony's recent financial report include hardware sales of the extremely successful PS4 system, which has now hit 96.8 million sales worldwide, which is well on its way to the magical 100 million mark.

What do you think the PS5 will cost at launch?

Sony confirms that the PS5 won't release until after March 2020

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