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Sony @E3: Everything You Need to Know

A round-up of the big stories coming out of Sony press conference.

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Firstly, we need to talk a trio of titles that have been heavily rumoured for a while, that Sony used today's conference to try and crack the internet in half with: opening with the (re)announcement of The Last Guardian, then later hitting us with a one-two punch of Final Fantasy VII: Remake (coming to PS4 first) and helping launch the Shemue III Kickstarter campaign.

Game of the conference - and potentially E3 - was the reveal of Guerrilla's amazing looking new IP, Horizon. Baffling announcement goes to Media Molecule's latest, Dreams (though we wouldn't have it any other way).

As with other conferences, betas formed some announcements: Black Ops 3's is coming to PS4 first (as Sony managed to lure Activision away from its usual spot on Microsoft's stage), while console exclusive Street Fighter V's beta comes out in July.

A new Hitman also got its debut, as did Destiny's newest expansion, The Taken King.

Sony @E3: Everything You Need to Know

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