Sony revealed prices and launch dates for PS5 in South America and Southeast Asia

Most don't need to wait long, but Indonesians have to wait until early next year.

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Yesterday, 11 November 2020, Sony has announced the long-awaited prices and release dates of PlayStation 5 in South American and Southeast Asian countries. It's a late one indeed, as fans in countries like US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea are celebrating the release of PS5 today (12 November 2020), while "the rest of the world" embrace next-gen next week on 19 November (namely Singapore, Europe, Hong Kong, etc.).

Sony has announced that in South America (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru), PS5 will be launched on 19 November, while fans in Argentina have to wait a little longer until 4 December. As for Uruguay and Paraguay, it seems they will have a similar date with Argentina.

In Central America, Panama will get its next-gen fix from Sony on 19 November.

Now we go to the borders of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Southeast Asia. Malaysia and the Philippines have got their release date, which is 11 December. Meanwhile, Indonesians will be the last ones to get them so far, on 22 January 2021.

Countries like China, India, Thailand, and Vietnam still haven't got their PS5 release dates.

As for the prices, they're mostly more expensive than their American and European counterparts. It's understandable as there are customs, taxes, and other fees to be considered.

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Sony revealed prices and launch dates for PS5 in South America and Southeast Asia

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