SoOn retires from competitive Overwatch

The veteran Overwatch League player will be moving over to play Valorant professionally.

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Yesterday, we had the shock announcement of Ki-hyo "Xzi" Jung retiring from Overwatch, just days before the start of the next season of the Overwatch League due to personal health problems, and now, another big name in the scene has announced his decision to retire, as veteran Terence "SoOn" Tarlier will be leaving professional Overwatch.

The announcement comes in a Twitter post that stated, "From my first title win during the Overwatch Open in 2016 to the rise of Rogue, from the OWL to the OWWC, today is the end of my 5 years of competitive Overwatch."

SoOn has had a pretty illustrious career in Overwatch, from being part of the Rogue line-up that achieved a lot of success before the start of the OWL, to playing for a variety of teams over the course of the league's history.

When SoOn was recently released from the Boston Uprising due to visa complications, we did mention that it might be challenging to see him in the league for its kick-off this Friday, April 16, but this is unfortunate news. On the brighter side, SoOn will be staying in professional esports, as he has also stated in the post, "I still want to compete. I've thus decided to go into Valorant in order to, I hope, start a new career."

Hopefully, we'll see a Valorant team pick up this talented individual sometime soon.

Photo: Paris Eternal

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