Soul Calibur VI gets new playable character: the Bernie Sanders meme
Soul Calibur VI

Soul Calibur VI gets new playable character: the Bernie Sanders meme

Sanders joins the fighting game roster via a neat mod.

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Videogame modding has brought us some pretty amazing things, but this one here might just be the best one we've seen in all of 2021 so far. Modder User619 has brought the iconic Bernie Sanders meme that has been circulating these past few days to Soul Calibur VI as a playable fighter, meaning you can now take Bernie with his famous knitted mittens into the fighting title.

The best part about this mod is that Bernie isn't even animated, he just sits in his chair and throws down with his opponents. To make this work in the game, Bernie isn't exactly a new character, just a modded skin added to another character, meaning he doesn't have his own unique moves or combos to learn.

You can check out a video of Bernie slugging it out with various Soul Calibur VI fighters here, courtesy of User619.

How exactly is someone going to be able to top this mod?

Soul Calibur VI

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