Soup Raiders

Soup Raiders puts you in the daydream of a child

The Team KwaKwa tactical RPG Soup Raiders drops the player in a massive bowl of flavoured liquid. We had a chat with the developers at GDC.

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Team KwaKwa is creating a very unique, hand-drawn experience and although it's very early in development, we got to try an early build out and speak to the developers at GDC in San Fransisco recently.

When asked about the base premise of the game, the developers had the following to say: "Soup Raiders is a tactical RPG where pirate animals are fighting merchant animals and the whole world is in a big soup, so islands are pieces of bread or vegetables and have their own stories. It's supposed to represent a child dreaming of a soup he doesn't want to eat, it's about daydreaming actually. In terms of the lore, the god of the soup is Bruno, who's a kid who doesn't want to drink his soup".

It's clear that the premise of the game is different and so is the mechanics of the game. "We sort of come from the arcade world, we do a lot of game jams, and arcade works really well on really small prototypes which we've been really good at doing those. The thing is when we switched to a tactical RPG we were not so comfortable with the turn-based system, we tried it. We're pretty happy with the mixture that we found, so you have initiative for your character, you can choose your action, you can switch between them if you want another character to use its attack and it's way more intense. What we do to balance the difficulty is to bring more funny parts to the balance system that are more tactical than what you'd find in other tactical RPGs".

As for what formats the game will release on, the only confirmed platform as for right now is the Switch. "Maybe it's a bit offensive to say, that Nintendo is childish but actually that's the thing. It works so well on the Nintendo devices, the whole dream thing and it not being serious, it works perfectly with the Nintendo audience".

We'll update you on what's coming next for Soup Raiders as more information becomes available, but for now, you can check out the full interview down below.

Soup Raiders
Soup Raiders

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