Sources claim Crytek is in financial trouble

Apparently developers are not getting paid and the company's futures is uncertain.

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Employees at Crytek haven't been properly paid for some months now, according to sources speaking to Kitguru and other sites. As one of the affected parties anonymously explains, the company has had some serious financial troubles at least since June, when management had to promise employees that all these issues "would be worked out by August and that there would be enough money to remain stable for at least 18 months".

Still according to this source, Crytek's lack of financial solvency made the employer late on summer's payrolls, then leading them to be unable to pay employees at the German HQ in the current autumn season. Some affected or concerned workers are said to be leaving the company, which is consequently causing a significant loss of talent. The issue is looking to become a serious legal dispute for the studio as, quoting the source, "those who remain at the Frankfurt studio have submitted a legal letter to management informing them that if wages for October, November and December aren't paid in full by the end of next week, then they will stop working. Those at the Budapest studio have apparently already stopped turning up to work".

Crytek hasn't officially commented yet on these leaks (with co-founder Cevat Yerli "not showing up at company headquarters for months") but it's not the first time rumours have emerged pointing to its potential financial trouble. As for the reasons behind it, quick expansion and perhaps the switch to emerging business models such as free-to-play and VR games (for a triple A studio that brought you Crysis, Ryse: Son of Rome or the CryEngine tech) are potential explanations. Crytek's current operation is made by up to six studios: Frankfurt, Sofia, Kiev, Seoul, Istanbul, Shanghai, and Budapest. They just released the poorly performing Robinson: The Journey while they're developing a couple of new F2P offerings too. Do you think they can turn it around?

Sources claim Crytek is in financial trouble

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