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Tekken 7

Southeast Asian Games reveals five esports at the event

Tekken 7 is among the big names, but we also have plenty of MOBA action when the games hit The Philippines next winter.

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As we continue to talk about whether esports should be in the Olympic Games or not, we do know that the Southeast Asian Games 2019 is hosting some esports action, and now Gamehubs has reported on the titles we can expect to see at the event... or at least five out of the six.

Valve's hugely successful MOBA Dota 2 will be there, which isn't a total surprise considering its popularity in Asia, with Starcraft 2 also being expected for the same reason. Then we have Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Arena of Valor - both mobile games with enduring popularity - and Tekken 7 to round things off and add something for the FGC (Fighting Game Community).

It's pretty much expected not to see the 'violent' esports like CS:GO and Rainbow Six: Siege in there, because the Olympics have made it clear that these sorts of games don't fit with their message and so won't fit with other big competitions too.

The SEA Games will take place in The Philippines from November 20 to December 11 next year, so we have a while to wait before we can see these played though.

Which is the best game in there?

Tekken 7
Photo: Southeast Asian Games

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