Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Space Soldiers apologise for their fans mocking Golden

"We do not condone such behaviour."

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This past weekend saw Fnatic take down Space Soldiers in the grand final of the WESG CS:GO competition to lift the trophy, but it seems some Space Soldiers fans have taken issue with Fnatic player Golden, sending him comments regarding the use of the Auto rifle in the game, with many of them calling him a 'noob' for using it.

Space Soldiers have publicly condemned these comments though, taking to Twitter to apologise to Fnatic and Golden, saying: "We do not condone such behaviour and kindly ask for our fans to refrain from it in the future."

Golden seems to be fine with it though, responding that it's not the team's fault and wishing them luck in the future, adding elsewhere that "it's insane man, to get so much hate for something that is part of the game."

Do you like Space Soldiers' response?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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