Spain's LaLiga moving into esports

LaLiga Esports aims to connect with new audiences.

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Today we reported that FC Barcelona had joined Gerard Piqué's eFootball.Pro and Konami league, and now the Spanish football league LaLiga has revealed that they'll be moving further into esports as well, including several esports projects in the near future "in which football will take centre stage."

LaLiga's announcement says that these projects hope to bring the league closer to the millennial generations and increase engagement with this audience, as well as growing the brand in new audiences. To do this they've launched LaLiga Esports, which will include "ambitious projects, the details of which will be revealed in the coming months, which aim to bring together a passion for football and the exciting world of esports. Hard work, competitiveness and teamwork are some of the values that are common to both football and esports and these are the characteristics that football-loving gamers or those who, over time, may acquire such a profile will get the chance to showcase through these projects."

The announcement also says that sponsors wish to engage with these new audiences, and LaLiga Esports offers sponsors the assurances they want. In terms of the specifics of these projects, we have very few, but the first phase will be rolled out nationally across Spain, with the aim being to expand internationally and the project establishes itself.

Do you think LaLiga is wise to move into esports?

Photo: LaLiga

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