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Spanish ACE is Europe's first Esports Team Association

It was born today in Madrid, bringing together 13 of the biggest clubs in the country.

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Today Madrid hosted the public presentation of A.C.E., the Spanish Esports Team Association, a pioneer initiative in Spain and also in Europe born of the collaborative effort of most of the top competing pro teams in the country. The event was part of Gamelab Esports, a spin-off of the international conference. The presentation was also supported by representatives of both local and state governments, including secretary of state José María Lassalle, who recently made the news by confirming up to 6.2 million euros in aid for Spanish indie studios.

José Ramón Díaz, who recently reflected on his team's achievements with Gamereactor, has been appointed president of the new association. "We've evolved from mere amateur clubs to 50+ strong professional companies which create employment, produce content and manage talent", he said this morning.

The goal of the association is to put together teams' common goals and unite strengths in different negotiations with various parties, including administrations, sponsors, or independent leagues.

For now, ACE includes 13 of the 16 pro teams in Spain, including Arctic Gaming, Asus Rog Army, Emonkeyz, Giants Gaming, G2 Esports, KIYF Esports Club, KPI Gaming, Mad Lions E.C., Movistar Riders, Penguins, Team Heretics, Team Queso, and X6tence.

The organisers told Gamereactor that, even if there are team associations outside of Europe, as well as collaborative associations elsewhere (for example WESA, combining teams and ESL league), this is the very first homogeneous association in Europe, made to work towards the best interests of the teams involved.

During the Q&A session, Gamereactor wanted to know how ACE can push Spanish teams in Europe and even increase their presence worldwide, beyond their performance in competitions themselves and including growing their respective fan bases.

Board member Virginia Calvo pointed out it's a matter of "get the ball rolling" and having "further discussions", whereas president José Ramón Díaz was proud of Spanish teams' achievements already:

"We're at the spearhead in Europe in terms of organizations, competitions, sponsors support or clubs structure", he told us, and it's a matter "of consolidation to get even more fanbase, as we're at the vanguard".

For the full report in Spanish, head here.

Spanish ACE is Europe's first Esports Team Association
Photo: Gamelab

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