Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Spanish retailers leak Xenoblade Chronicle 2 release dates

One makes little sense and seems placeholder. The other one could be accurate.

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After clearing up confusion and delay rumours at E3 with the announcement of a "Winter 2017" release window for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Nintendo has yet to announce final exact launch date for Monolith Soft's exclusive RPG for the Switch.

The game is expected in December given the previous announcement, and now a couple of retailers have listed potential launch dates, as collected by NeoGaf. On the one hand, Amazon (both ES and IT) has the game releasing on December 29th. O the other hand, the Spanish MediaMarkt says it'll be out December 15th. Both dates are Fridays, typically the day Nintendo release games in mainland Europe.

Even though the first date rings more true to the "winter" window, it seems more placeholder than the latter. December 15 is the week before Christmas, and its clear many Switch users will ask for the JRPG as the gift, so that'd make it in time. However, even if Nintendo usually saves just one big launch for December, it normally happens very early in the month, so December 1 or December 8 seem way more likely. And let's not forget the previous game in the series, Xenoblade Chronicles X, launched on Wii U on December 4.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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