Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 to land in September with online multiplayer

We got a release date and plenty of new details during State of Play.

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Derek Yu was on hand to tell viewers more about Spelunky 2 during State of Play this evening, and we saw a bunch of gameplay during the segment, and it looks great. This sequel is designed to feel more dynamic with new ways of interacting (including riding turkeys, naturally) with the world around you.

Even more exciting, Yu confirmed that online multiplayer is also included. There'll be new NPC characters to help or hinder you along the way, an enhanced shopping experience, new tools to experiment with, hidden passageways and branching paths, and lots and lots of secrets for people to discover. Sounds delightful.

Finally, the segment ended with confirmation that the game is set to land on PS4 on September 15.

Spelunky 2

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