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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Spelunky and cool stages shown off in Fall Guys Season 5

Jungle Adventures will offer an interesting new collaboration, rhinos, pirates, krakens and more starting tomorrow.

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Many creative minds probably went crazy when Mediatonic confirmed that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's fifth season will be taking us to the jungle last week, and that seems to include the developers.

The British studio had its first season reveal stream today, and that means we got two new trailers filled with details about Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Jungle Adventure. First we have a gameplay trailer showing off two of the six new stages included in the season. While both of them are races, each offers very unique obstacles. While the first is a gauntlet filled with optional pathways, rhinos, frogs, swinging logs and more, the other focuses on bouncing drums.

Trailer number two is all about the different rewards waiting in the Fame Path, and it's safe to say that the stages aren't the only diverse elements of the upcoming season. With costumes based on everything from Spelunky and pirates to a kraken with a ship on its head and a genie, we'll see plenty of weird things running around when season 5 starts tomorrow.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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