Spider-Man DLCs "continued the momentum" of production

Game director Ryan Smith joined us at Gamelab in Barcelona to talk about the DLC stories that came after launch, among other topics.

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At Gamelab 2019 Spider-Man's game director Ryan Smith was present to talk about the hit Marvel game that released last year, and we got to catch up with Smith in our own interview below to get even more details on the Spidey experience, including the DLC storylines we received after launch.

"It was actually really great because we could continue the momentum from production into the DLCs, so I was really involved with those," he said. "It was super fun to look at the different villains we could feature, and then actually how to string them together. The three DLC packs are sort of one evolving story, and so working together with the team, the narrative story guys, to figure out how we could knit a thread through these different villains [...] and finding out what was unique and interesting about the villains, or even finally getting a chance to bring Silver Sable back, who is one of our favourite characters from the main game."

In the same interview we also talked about the Ratchet and Clank remake that came in 2016, and whether or not Smith thinks that this is a time for similar 3D platformers to shine.

"I definitely think there's room for games that have sort of a charm and happy, optimistic factor to them," he said.

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