Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales sold a lot less than Spider-Man

Despite being a PS5 launch title that was still available on PS4, Miles Morales sold much less.

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Marvel's Spider-Man from 2018 became a huge hit for Insomniac Games and Sony that sold really well, and it was always expected that there would be sequels released. Only two years later, it was time for Spider-Man: Miles Morales in time for the PlayStation 5 launch, and it was also released for PlayStation 4. But despite being available on two formats, the sales of the game is way lower than the predecessor.

This is revealed by the Nielsen analysts at Superdata. They write that Spider-Man: Miles Morales has sold 663,000 digital copies on PlayStation 4 and 5. This should be compared to Spider-Man that launched with sales of 2.2 million copies.

They also note that Assassin's Creed Valhalla outsold Assassin's Creed Odyssey with more than 50%, probably helped by the fact that Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed. It is also noted that Valhalla despite this has lower in-game spending as a stand-alone booster microtransaction isn't considered necessary in the new adventure.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

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