Spider-Man rewards players who have the Platinum trophy

Have you defeated the final boss, gathered all the backpacks, brought Howard's doves home and all the rest? Then you have a gift waiting.

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Spider-Man wasn't just one of the most well-received and best-selling games of last year, it has also become one of the games with the highest Platinum trophy completion rates. That's why it's safe to say that many of you might have a nice surprise waiting in your inbox.

Sony has started sending out emails to people who have earned the Platinum trophy in Spider-Man, and it isn't just to congratulate you. The email also includes a voucher that rewards you with a cool new avatar of Spidey for your PSN profile. As Sony hasn't said anything official about this, so we don't know if players around the world can expect this reward or if it's just in Europe. When Sony did something similar for Bloodborne, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and God of War it was worldwide though, so you should definitely check our email.

Is this a nice reward for your effort or would you like to see other ways of sharing your feats with the world?


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