Far Cry: New Dawn

Splinter Cell is being teased once more in Far Cry New Dawn

Gear from the series has shown up in the newest Far Cry game, prompting even more speculation on Sam Fisher's return.

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People were convinced because of Ubisoft's generosity in Splinter Cell references (especially with the agent even appearing in Ghost Recon: Wildlands) that we were getting a new game in the series revealed at E3 last year, but that never happened. Has that stopped the teases though? Not at all.

Far Cry New Dawn is the latest game to provide some Splinter Cell references, and Ubisoft has even been bold enough to show these off in a new Easter Egg video on the official German channel. Below you can see the iconic goggles that Fisher dons, as well as the whole suit, and a downed cargo plane contains other goodies like notes and a computer too.

Far Cry: New Dawn

This is far from the first time we've looked ahead to another Splinter Cell game, as former Ubisoft producer Jade Raymond said the following in the interview below from last year:

"There is a design that we actually had and worked on that we would have wanted to make. But since I am not at Ubisoft anymore I can't talk about it and I don't know who wants to share that concept."

Of course all eyes will be on E3 this year, but that was the case last year and we didn't get anything. With Blacklist landing in 2013 though, it's now been six years since the last entry in the series, and fans are clearly eager to step back into the agent's shoes.

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