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Square Enix donates $250K to Black Lives Matter

And SE is far from the only publisher supporting this worthwhile cause.

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Following the protests that are currently taking place in the United States after George Floyd was killed by a police officer, many have shown solidarity to those dealing with racism and police brutality.

Many publishers, such as Sony and CD Projekt Red, for example, have delayed game-related presentations so as to not shift media attention away to less important topics now that the eyes of the world are focused on the United States and the protests currently taking place.

In addition to demonstrating their solidarity, companies such as Square Enix have shown further commitment by donating $250,000 to Black Lives Matter, an organisation which actively works to combat racism. Ubisoft is another publisher that has donated to the cause, putting $100K into the pot to combat racism. It's an important initiative that we hope others will follow.

What do you think of this stance by developers and publishers in the world of video games?

Square Enix donates 0K to Black Lives Matter

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