Stadia Makers program tries to bring more indies to the platform

Players should get ready to see more indie games on Google's cloud-based platform in the future.

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After a lukewarm reception by both players and developers, and with some features yet to be released, Google is trying to make its cloud-based platform Stadia become more attractive to subscribers by inviting indie devs to adapt their most creative works to the cloud-gaming platform.

Therefore, the platform holder has just launched the so-called "Stadia Makers" initiative, by which independent developers should find an easier way to both adapt and self-publish on the platform. To encourage these devs, and some months removed from Stadia's original launch (as devkits are becoming more available), Google is providing smaller studios with the needed hardware and software, and even some yet-to-be-confirmed funds.

There's also technical support by Unity, but the catch is that to get all devs must work on Unity 2019.3 onwards, and their games must release no later than in 2021, with Stadia being one of the "Day 1" platforms.

The application form for interested devs is the same one Google offered around a year ago for any studio interested in becoming a "Stadia Partner".

Do you think a steady indie influx may improve the no-console service's appeal?

Stadia Makers program tries to bring more indies to the platform

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