Star Citizen

Star Citizen will not get a single-player campaign in 2016

Roberts confirms what rumours suggested last month.

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Cloud Imperium Games held its CitizenCon this weekend, and CEO Chris Roberts took the chance to confirm what fans have been fearing for some time now: the single player campaign portion of the ambitious game, called Squadron 42, will not see release in 2016. In fact, as reported by Kotaku, the dev team is still trying to complete the first of 28 chapters and bring it up to release quality in order to show it off to the community.

Despite CIG sticking to their official 2016 schedule for the last few months, and even with the company officially saying in September that mid-late 2017 rumours were inaccurate, the 'delay' is now confirmed.

Squadron 42 includes performances by actors such as Gillian Anderson and Mark Hamill. Now fans of the most crowd-funded video game (and perhaps the most ambitious space game) ever know they won't be able to "answer the call" until sometime next year. That is if all things go as planned from here on in.

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