Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero offers tribute to Satoru Iwata

Nintendo's "fallen wingman".

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Star Fox Zero launches next week exclusively for Wii U, but there are some reviewers who have visited Andross already. Thus somebody decided to share footage of the game's ending / end credits, which of course have now been removed because of spoilers (even if the game is a reboot of the Nintendo 64 original).

We won't share details regarding those parts of the game here, but one little touch that was revealed during one of the final sequences and is now becoming common knowledge. It's just a sentence written against the backdrop of a cloudy sunset sky, but it's purpose is clear:

"This game is dedicated to our wingman who fell in battle".

The nod is of course a tribute to former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who passed away last year. This new message comes after a similarly touching GDC tribute.

The Star Fox Zero ending text was grabbed by journalist Alex Donald, then removed from YouTube but grabbed by another writer, David Scammell.

We'll have more gameplay and a review of Star Fox Zero in the next few days, as the launch date of April 22 edges ever closer.

Star Fox Zero

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