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Star Wars-themed cosmetics now available in Fortnite

Wield a light saber and dress up as your favourite Star Wars heroine or aim-prohibited clone in the latest cross-over event in Fortnite.

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Epic Games is celebrating the official Star Wars Day by having added some themed in-game items and skins. In fact, Epic Games has once again introduced lightsabers - green (Luke Skywalker), purple (Mace Windu), blue (Rey) and red (Kylo Ren) - as well as a lot of skins and emotes inspired by Star Wars, and much more to Fortnite.

Since yesterday, in fact, Rey, Kylo Ren and Sith Trooper skins are already available in Epic Store, as well as Dark Side of the Force emote and two special bundles with many exclusive objects. We remind you that these products are limited edition and they can be redeemed today, on the occasion of Star Wars Day.


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