Starcraft Ghost

Starcraft Ghost not likely

Blizzard reveal "there are no plans"

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Starcraft Ghost, a much delayed (and eventually cancelled) title from Blizzard, isn't likely to be seen any time soon, it has been revealed.

When asked if there were plans inside the company to revisit the oft delayed title, Blizzard's lead designer Dustin Browder said to Kotaku: "There are no plans. I'm not saying we won't ever, but I'll tell you what I do know: There are no meetings going on. There is no team. No one talks about doing it."

He continued: "It doesn't mean that in two years from now, we won't have those meetings, the team won't be formed, but there is literally nothing happening around that game right now that would indicate that there's any likelihood that it will happen.

"It's just as likely we'll do that again as Lost Vikings 3 or whatever. There's just no guarantees one way or the other, but nothing is happening."

Starcraft Ghost was going to be stealth-action title for consoles, where the player takes control of a titular Ghost (a psychic spy of sorts, called Nova). Sounds cool, huh?

Don't give up hope, Browder wrapped things up with this teasing comment: "We are super huge fans of consoles. We love console gaming as players. I wasn't really party to [the decision to shelve the game] but I know it was a difficult decision."

Starcraft Ghost

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