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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley had its own esports competition yesterday

A Twitch Rivals stream took place to pit teams of farmers against one another in a rather unusual esports competition.

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When you think of esports you probably think of overtly competitive games like shooters, battle royales, and MOBAs, those that are inherently team-based and built around beating other players and teams. One game that doesn't quite fit that description is Stardew Valley.

But alas, yesterday on Twitch a Twitch Rivals competition saw teams of four farmers face off against one another in the cute game from ConcernedApe, which was all to celebrate the game's third anniversary. As you can imagine, it wasn't quite the same intensity, but it featured a ton of streamers fishing, building, and living the Stardew life while competing with others.

The conditions for winning included banking the most gold, catching five legendary fish the fastest, and completing the most bundles, among other requirements.

Would you like to compete in Stardew Valley esports?

Stardew Valley

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