Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley releases on iOS in two weeks

Android users will have to wait a bit longer.

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Stardew Valley has brought the farming fantasy to PC, PS Vita, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One so far, but now publisher Chucklefish has revealed that it will also be coming to iOS as of October 24, costing £7.99 ($7.99 USD/8.99 euros).

English studio The Secret Police has completely "rebuilt from the soil up" Eirc Barone's original work as ConcernedApe, and they promise to include all the content up to the 1.3 update. Naturally the mobile version will also sport an adapted UI and touch controls, and existing PC users will be able to transfer their game (but not their mods) to the new version.

After releasing on PC and consoles, the game got an important push with the Nintendo Switch version and its portable capability, so it's only natural it'll now reach new audiences on the go with phones and tablets. If you Android fans are wondering where you're game is, don't worry, as this will be coming after the iOS version.

Are you planning to revisit Pelican Town?

Stardew ValleyStardew Valley
Stardew ValleyStardew Valley

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