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Stardew Valley's 1.5 update is very big and almost ready

Sadly, we still don't have a release date just yet.

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Last month we were offered a bit of information regarding the next update for Stardew Valley, knowing that long-awaited function split-screen co-op is coming soon.

The update 1.5 has been in development for nearly a year now, you might be wondering: When will it be released? The good news, it's in the "home stretch", according to Eric Barone, creator of Stardew Valley.

"It's a very big update so there is a lot of polishing and bug fixing necessary to make sure it's ready. It'll be very fun to share it with all of you in the near future. I think you'll be really happy and surprised with all the new stuff!" He wrote in a tweet.

Even though what exactly will be included in the lastest update is not detailed, we still can find some clues in Barone's earlier tweets, for example "new end-game content" was mentioned, and a new type of fruit tree will be added (banana trees in this case).

So far we still don't know the specific release date, but hopefully soon.

Are you looking forward to the 1.5 update?

Stardew Valley

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