Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Starix joins the Team Spirit roster

The former Natus Vincere man has found a new home.

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Team Spirit yesterday announced a brand new acquisition for their CS:GO team, this being Sergei "starix" Ishchuk, formerly of Natus Vincere as both a player and coach.

Team Spirit are now in a bootcamp training for the Minor CIS qualifiers, and May 16 will see this new team in action for the first time, where we'll get to see how the decorated starix gels with the rest of his team

Team Spirit manager Ruslan Bugrino said: As a champion of many big tournaments, [starix] clearly understands what it takes to win," and that he can raise the quality of the team considerably.

Starix, who is now the captain of the team, will play alongside Paul "COLDYY1" Veklenko, Dmitry "S0tF1k" Forostyanko, Vadim "DavCost" Vasilyev, and Dmitry "Dima" Bandurka. "I had a lot of offers from different companies, so that the choice was difficult enough," he said. "We talked to the representatives of the organization, the players, and I decided that this is the team and an organisation with which I want to continue my career in esports. Despite the long break in the gaming practice, I quickly gaining shape and very soon will be able to prove it in official matches."

Can starix improve Team Spirit?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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