State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 letting you Choose Your Own Apocalypse

Two new Zones are coming with this month's update, which will offer a tougher challenge for hardcore players and their communities.

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Inside Xbox was a pretty busy stream last night, as Microsoft revealed a fair bit of news to fans, including the fact that the Halo Master Chief Collection is headed to PC and more details on their xCloud streaming service, but we also got updates on existing games like State of Decay 2, which is getting a Choose Your Own Apocalypse update.

This update brings two new difficulty modes to the game on March 26, which you can jump into either with a brand new community or by moving an existing community to another zone - Dread or Nightmare. The Dread Zones provide new challenges like deadlier zombies, juggernauts infected with the plague, and fewer resources, while Nightmare Zones crank it up even further with wandering groups of freaks and hostile humans who can hit headshots against your survivors.

That's not all that's coming with the new update though, as there are other quality-of-life fixes too, and if you have yet to jump into the game you can do so via Xbox Game Pass, which will also be getting Minecraft next month as well.

Have you been looking for an extra challenge in State of Decay 2?

State of Decay 2

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