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Grand Theft Auto V

Steal a golden panther statue this week in GTA Online

Even more reasons to tackle the Cayo Perico Heist this weekend.

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Rockstar has given players yet another reason to complete the Cayo Perico Heist this week by adding a valuable golden panther statue to the game that can be stolen for a handsome reward. The exact value of the statue has not been disclosed by Rockstar, but players can look to steal the statue by scouting it as a primary target on their first playthrough of the heist this week.

In other GTA Online news, nightclubs are offering three times the usual daily income and nightclub management missions will be bringing twice the usual popularity boost. On top of this, client jobs are rewarding double GTA$ and RP, while Motor Wars are still providing triple rewards until June 2.

In regards to discounts, the Dinka Jester Classic, Ocelot Pariah, Vapid Festival Bus, Blimp, Pfister Neon, Ocelot Lynx, HVY Menacer, Overflod Entity XF, and the HVY Brickade will all be 40% off over the next week.

Last of all, the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel podium reward is the Canis Freecrawler, so make sure to take a chance to see if you can add the vehicle to your collection.

Grand Theft Auto V

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