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Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones

Stealth Inc 2 heading to Wii U

Stealth Bastard sequel to launch exclusively on Nintendo's console.

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Curve Digital, a name more and more frequently associated with PlayStation platforms (they've recently ported games like Thomas Was Alone and Lone Survivor), has just confirmed that their next game - Stealth Inc 2 - is heading exclusively to Wii U.

The first game was originally released on PC with the name Stealth Bastard (although that was subsequently changed to Stealth Inc when it was ported to consoles), so it's a surprise to see the sequel heading exclusively to Nintendo's platform.

Stealth Inc 2 will carry on where the first game left off from a narrative perspective, will include a co-op mode making use of the Wii U controller, and will be a digital only release.

"There isn't much competition on Nintendo's store, so we thought that commercially it's a really good opportunity for us," Curve's Jason Perkins told CVG by way of explanation of the move. "Nintendo has sold a few million Wii Us too, so the audience is there. We want to see what the market is like. We want to test it."

Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones

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