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Street Fighter V beta downtime continues

Maintenance ongoing as Capcom try and fix server issues.

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While it official launched at 2am BST last night, Street Fighter V's beta nearly immediately suffered from server issues as beta entrants tried to jump online to test the game out.

While a scheduled maintenance was due between 7am and 9am this morning, servers were taken offline last night as Capcom tried to focus on the problems, though in the subsequent relaunch tests, reportedly some players managed to make it onto the training mode for a time.

Capcom's now stated this morning's maintenance will be extended by an extra two hours, and the beta itself will be extended "to make up for lost time".

Such issues are expected with betas - and stress-testing servers prior to launch to fix any possible issue is partly why they exits - and Capcom has been regularly updating fans as to progress. Fingers crossed it solves the issues this morning in readiness for a heavy weekend of fighting ahead.

Street Fighter V

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