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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Street Fighter V's new patch battles input lag issues

Capcom will release the title update on October 23.

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Since the original Street Fighter V released in early 2016, it's been having some issues with button input delay that - for competitive gamers especially - were far more important than the lack of a story mode. With the newer, improved Arcade Edition of the game releasing in January of this year, many hoped/expected that the input problems would be ironed out, but issues remained the same, which had some additional impact on the pro scene.

Now Capcom has assured us on Twitter that "we're aware of your concerns regarding inputs" and promises that they "will improve the speed at which inputs are registered in the update coming on 10/23".

Even though many players got used to the eight-frame delay when it comes to chaining up combos, the difference between finger commands and on-screen representation makes it impossible to accurately counter, attack, and defend by pro standards. As such, future championships and esports fighting events for SFV could change forever.

Have you had problems with input lag?

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Thanks, Destructoid.

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