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Stunt shares his thoughts after being dropped by 100 Thieves

His departure follows the team's rocky performance in the LCS Summer Split.

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William "Stunt" Chen has revealed on Twitter that he has been let go by 100 Thieves after the team's rocky performance in the fifth week of the LCS Summer Split. Stunt's last game with the team saw the team lose to TSM and join Immortals at joint eight place in the competition's standings.

On Twitter the LoL player revealed when he heard the news, stating: "I found out that I was completely off the team a couple hours after our loss. Honestly I was expecting it. I've been in this spot before, I could kinda see the signs. People start to act differently around you. When I started anticipating what would happen I started shaking, remembering all the times this has happened to me in the past."

Looking to the future he did, however, share a sense of optimism, writing in the same post:" Even though the ending wasn't how I would've wanted it, I still look back on my time spent on 100T very fondly. Met a lot of great people, got to travel, never had to shop for clothes, and even won a championship*!!! *academy."

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