No More Heroes 3

Suda51 confirms motion controls in No More Heroes 3

Plus the Japanese director confirms to Gamereactor that he wants TSA t-shirts in the next entry in the series.

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He teased it to Gamereactor readers and he delivered: Suda51 arrived at E3 2019 and No More Heroes 3 was revealed during the Nintendo Direct presentation. And right after that, we were lucky enough to meet Grasshopper Manufacture's leader in Los Angeles.

Goichi Suda admitted to being "happy and honoured to be on the Direct" and "to receive that sort of position" so early in the presentation, together with Zelda, Resident Evil and others.

In our full Gamereactor interview below we learnt much more about NMH3, and as seen in the game's first trailer we noticed the classic screen prompts of the series followed by Travis's trademark suplex and beam-katana slashes. So, can we expect motion controls to be back?

"Motions!" confirms Suda-san. "Arrows are indicative of the motion controls you see in the game. You will be able to have the two Joy-Cons connected to the main console itself and play like that, but the perfect way to play the game would be to detach both the controllers - basically think of it sort of as the original Wii controllers; there's going to be a lot of stuff you can do from the previous games, and new stuff added as well, but there's definitely going to be a lot of motion-control-heavy stuff in there, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how everyone reacts to that".

Later on we talk about the story, its message and Travis Touchdown, as "the stakes are different" as 10 years have passed and Suda51 teases "some different enemies" that the protagonist will face, now that "his life is not the only thing on the line". We, of course, talk aliens and mechas as well, the latter being "brought directly from TSA and the Death Glove [...] as part of his arsenal".

Actually, for fans of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes there's another interesting possibility, as talking about collaborations, Suda-san tells us "one thing I want to do if possible is, as long as I get permission from the various creators involved, I would like to have (...) the t-shirts in TSA carried over into the new game".

For more on Nobuaki Kaneko's soundtrack ("the kind of dude that a dude can fall in love with") and all things NMH3, hit play on the full interview:

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