No More Heroes 3

SUDA51 on No More Heroes 3 demo: "I'll be going to E3"

Grasshopper Manufacture's head explains to Gamereactor how Travis Strikes Again's Easter Egg was inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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More a genius PR stunt than a story spoiler, and as many of you know already, at the very end of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes there's a pretty surprising Unreal Engine tech demo basically announcing the development of No More Heroes 3, as we reported last week together with the gameplay below.

Now, Goichi 'SUDA51' Suda himself, CEO at Grasshopper Manufacture and responsible for the hilarious teaser, has spoken to Gamereactor about how it came to be and what it actually means.

"I wanted to send a really strong message to the fans, so I stuck in a research & development-use demo"

"I wanted to make the final scene so that it would be a sort of combination of the gaudy, in-your-face endings you see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a teaser", Suda-san told Gamereactor. "I wanted to send a really strong message to the fans, so I stuck in a research & development-use demo".

Naturally, fans went crazy about the witty teaser, so we asked SUDA51 about his reaction to, well, the fan reaction.

"I'm not very proficient in English, so I'm unable to pick up directly on the reactions," he admitted, "and I'd be really happy if the fans and new players alike get excited and worked up about it, but doing the promotions for TSA recently has really made me realise how difficult it can be to allude to a possible sequel".

That conclusion seems to refer to the challenge posed by the development and production process itself. As that teaser looked like a very early tech demo, we asked about the actual development status of NMH3 or the potential target platforms.

"What you saw really was simply some work still going through the research & development process", Suda-san confirms, "and we're really going to work hard to make '3' come to fruition".

So, when could fans learn more? We wondered. "I'll also be going to LA for E3 this year for the first time in a while", the Japanese creator teases, "and I'm really hoping to be able to make some sort of announcement there, so we'll keep working hard to live up to everyone's expectations".

There you have it, if time permits, No More Heroes 3 could make an appearance at E3 in June. In the meantime, you can warm up by playing Travis Strikes Again, now available on the Nintendo Switch.

No More Heroes 3

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