Summer Showdown Tournament coming soon to Overwatch League

The new event starts on June 13 and will run for a few weeks, with event details just revealed.

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Competitive Overwatch is getting another shot in the arm starting this weekend as event organisers at Blizzard look to capitalise on the success of the May Melee with another online competition, the Summer Showdown Tournament, which is due to start on June 13.

For all the details regarding the timings of the matches, simply follow this link, but in the broadest strokes possible, starting on Saturday, June 13, and running throughout the rest of the month and into early July, 20 teams will start playing qualifiers ("three per team in North America and four in Asia"). This will culminate in regional tournaments in North America (July 3-5) and Asia (July 4-5), with teams fighting over a combined $275,000 prize pool (USD).

We're then told of a final in August, which will have a similar format and be followed by balancing matches. All competition games, including the 2020 playoffs, will be played with the revised Hero Pool system (D.Va, Echo, Sombra, and Brigitte are all out of contention for the time being), and you can find out more about the structure of the event and all other coming Overwatch plans by heading over to the official site.


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