Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive launches today on PC

The long-standing rumours were right.

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Do you remember all those rumours saying that Sunset Overdrive was coming to PC because it was spotted on the Steam database? Well it turns out that's true, as Insomniac Games announced on Twitter that the game is coming today to Steam and the Windows 10 Store. We've even been treated to a brand new trailer:


Fans reacted rather positively to the news on Twitter, and if you want to hear what we thought about the game back when it launched in 2014, be sure to check out our review.

On top of that THQ Nordic also revealed that they're launching a physical special edition for PC that you can see below, including all previous DLCs and some extras for £14.99 ($19.99 USD and 19.99 euros).

Will you be getting stuck in?

Sunset Overdrive

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